Newspaper Cutting
Maps taken from contempory newspapers reporting on the third battle of Ypres. They are marked, presumably by Bert after the war, with B/103 Wagon Lines (WL) and, what are assumed to be, Battery forward positions (marked 1 to 8). It correlates quite well with the diary: No.1 being Bleuport Farm, No.2 White Chateau and No.3 Zillebeke Lake. There are two number 4's which seem to be Larch Wood and the sunken road the other side of the railway, near Woods Cemetery, where Gnr Goodier and Dvr Barnsely are buried. Maybe the Brigade was split between the two. No.5 is taken to be Bedford House (or possibly the "forward position" mentioned in 1 July diary entry). Although mentioned in the diary on 18 August 1917, St Jean was probably not a Battery location: it is not marked on this map. Bert may have been passing through en route to a forward position (Racecourse Farm) marked No.6: Lt Collins was reportedly killed there, with Gnr Frank Heys, on 21 August 1917. There is no mention in the diary of a move to position no. 7 but, given that Bert marked it, it must be that this followed on from Racecourse Farm and therefore was the location from which he reported sick on 26 August 1917 and where Lt Jones was killed on 27th August 1917. No.8 is southeast of Zillebeke and could be Rudkin House.