Letters Home


La Clytte. Belgium


My dearest,

I am hoping that you will receive this safely . The last lot of stuff was pinched. I am at our waggon lines at present and hope to be here until after the present battle. Enclosed 10/= note in envelope, Mary's Rosary in little box. Shells from Wimeraux where I was in hospital (Nr Bologne) Paper knife made from Bosche Cartridge and bit of Bosche aeroplane(?) My old notebook which has been shelled Burned and gassed (6/6/17) (you can still smell the latter) Pass to Poperinghe Lt Jones was killed night I went sick. Other relics Bosche machine gun bullet in sections.

The other bullet came through my tent and scratched my right shoulder blade during an air raid on Wagon Lines.

I was at

Le Havre .......


This will give you a bit of an idea where I have been and by looking at the map you will see that all our action has been around YPRES. Wish I had time to write more but cannot.

Fondest love my darling

Guess we are nearing the end now.

Shouldn't be surprised at having a leave about Xmas if the show isn't done with before then.

From loving husband


ITALY 19.6.1916 (actually 1918)

My dearest wife and kiddies,

Just a short note to let you know that I am quite well again. My pets, the boils, are healing up nicely now. We are exceptionally busy now as no doubt you will notice by the papers. The first storm was a bit rough, not to say exciting, but “the bloke over the road” met his master and had an equally rough passage. I wrote some letters and lost them in the mix up but after two days recovered them and enclosed in new envelopes. Hope you have received same. As usual our troop was lucky. One of our lads had a tiny place on his arm which will gain him a week or two down below. His (Fritzes) “stink pots” were not too bad. Will drop you a “Wizz Bang” each day so don't get excited. It's cushy. Hope you are all well. Will write mother first chance I have. Hope to hear that they are all well. No parcel arrived so far. Kiss the kiddies for me. Heaps of love and kisses from your loving husband



Despite the date, written 3 days after the Asiago Plateau battle of 15/16 June 1918