The only record of Bert's post armistice war service in Egypt is a number of photographs, some of which are shown below:-

Army Routine, some things never change - Chatby-les-Bains?

Battery Orderly, Chatby-les-Bains Aug 1919

Above, Chatby-les-Bains, Alexandria Sept 1919

Bert's section of B/102 at Fort Youssari, Metras, Alexandria. Bert is rear left, "operating the camera with a length of thread". He seems to be doing something similar in the beach shot above and possibly in the heliograph shot below.

Bert, signalling with a heliograph at Fort Youssari 24 Sept 1919


Beer tent at Chatby, Alexandria - as the sun goes down

Victoria, Alexandria. On the back of the picture is written:-
"The Dategrove. The lady is explaining to me that as bacsheesh she prefers coin of the realm to cigarettes. The figure in white is the husband of the two ladies in black. Their house is seen on the right of the picture and is a shack of palm branches."


Berts accommodation at Bilbeis. Shared with Bdr Staton

Prisoners of war arriving at Kantara (Transferring from Bilbeis?)

Above and below, Captured Turkish Guns, probably at Kantara

Australian Camel Company in Egypt

This picture (above) has the caption " Australian soldiers on camels going up the line, just passing our camp".

And finally (below), in an adjacent desert, in a later war Bert's son Hal also served.