Asiago Plateau Position 1918

Mt Bruscon - this Battery position is where Bert won his Military Medal on 15 June 1918. Parts of the battlefield are, as of 2009, well preserved.

Above is a modern map and below sketches made by Bert. Mte Bruscon doesn't appear on modern maps but is marked on WW1 military sketches. By comparing these documents, it was possible to make a guess at B/103 positions on the ground. This was done in 2009 when, armed with a GPS and a local guide, I walked Mt Bruscon. The area is relatively undisturbed and evidence of WW1 military occupation is everywhere. A large scale modern map of this area of interest can be downloaded here. Mte Bruscon is not marked but using old military maps as a reference it has been approximately located at Grid 985787.

My thanks to Francesco Brazzale for his detective work and local knowledge. He matched the track layout below to the map above.

The comms diagram above dates from the first deployment to Mte Bruscon and shows the Arty support network. It shows comms to flanking arty bigades: 102 Bde RFA (23 Div) and 22 Bde RFA (7th Div).

Intelligence photograph showing the enemy view of their attack at Asiago on 15 June 1918. Mte Bruscon is in the distant woods, just left of centre - A readable version, edited to show Mte Bruscon, can be downloaded here

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